2017 Invited Speakers

San Banerjee

San Banerjee is the CEO & Co-Founder of ApartmentADDA – The #1 Online Solution for managing Residential and Commercial complexes. As CEO, she is in charge of the overall strategy, product positioning, and business expansion of the company. San did her Engineering from College of Engineering Guindy- CEG in India and MBA from LSU – Louisiana. Stage University in USA. She as worked and has loved working with TCS, Capgemini and SAP, across various geographies.

San is known for courage and dogged persistence at her goals. These qualities started from her early teens when she ran away from her home to study for her Boards, since the environment at home wasn’t exactly congenial. In 2009 San and her Partner Venkat started ApartmentADDA, to make life easier for Administrators of Residential Communities. The Product battled extreme competition and rode the Market Roller Coaster to be India’s #1 player today, and has now made a significant foray outside India. It hosts 250,000 Apartment Units today and has USD 30 million transactions through its portals. GHCI WEQ played an important role in the bootstrapped early years of the Company when San and Venkat used the 5 Lakh prize money to open office in Mumbai. That helped the product pick up truly Pan India society administration practices. Once they broke even, they paid forward the 5 Lakh prize money to another excellent Woman Entrepreneur.

San is extremely proud of Team ADDA. “The Builder builds the HighRise, ADDA makes it Rise High”. This is the mantra to which Team ADDA is dedicating its life’s work to!