GHC India Tracks

Technical (10 sessions):

The Technical track is looking for submissions that discuss the latest trends and research, pioneering tools and procedures, practical experiences and technical challenges, in this space.

The focus is on technical topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Software Engineering (Software Architecture and Methodology , Software Engineering Processes , Software Quality , Automation and Tools ,Usability Engineering and Testing)
  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI) (Mobile ,Social computing , Accessibility / Special Needs, End-user programming )
  • Data Science (Web mining, Knowledge-driven mining, Information Retrieval, Machine learning)
  • Security/Privacy (Insider Threats, Privacy policy and technologies, Security Analytics / Security Intelligence)
  • Internet of Things/Wearable Computing(Wearable Computing, Manufacturing Automation, Environment)

In particular, we are interested in the challenges that Software Engineers are facing in the following areas: Mobile development (smart phones, feature phones, tablets), Large-scale systems (ecommerce, cloud computing), Internet of Things, Intelligent systems, and Wearable. We welcome submissions in other topics as well. Please submit your abstract and the committee will review it.

We also seek proposals for live demos that can be conducted at the venue during the conference. The demos should be within the above mentioned technologies. Logistics of selected demos will be handled with conference organizers.

Submissions can be for workshops, panel, live demos or presentations. Please mention:

  • If it is an original idea
  • If the paper has been or is going to be presented in other conferences. Please mention the name of the conference
  • If it is an enhancement to an existing technology/idea/paper, please provide references to them

Innovation & Entrepreneurship (6 sessions):

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship track is focused on the process of innovation and what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Submission topics may include:

  • The Distinction between Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship;
  • Ideation in and around the hottest technology trends; Innovation in products and processes;
  • Access to venture capital and incubation facilities;
  • challenges in launching a startup and creative ways to solve them;
  • Transitioning roles from being an employee to being an owner;
  • Protecting your IP and corporate assets;
  • Social Entrepreneurship;
  • Mentorship and Networking opportunities; and building the perfect founding team.

We will accept short videos of 3 minutes or less on any of the above topics. A variety of formats are encouraged.

Management & Leadership (6 sessions):

Sessions in this track are targeted at women who are at mid-senior level in their careers, having managed modules, projects, programs or products. Through a mix of panel discussions and workshops, the management track sessions will direct you to the skills and strategies that define top-quality managers.

Learn how to develop your strategic thinking, personal leadership style, take control of multiple priorities and projects demanding your attention, ideas to sharpen your negotiation skills, and learn to use emotional intelligence effectively. Additionally hear from our panel of senior industry experts on ideas for world class product management, innovation strategies, managing work life balance and other practical ideas for making the transition to the next level. This track focuses on bringing the combined wisdom of successful industry professionals who have journeyed this path for years.

Topics may include: Developing sound project management skills; Managing large scale program; Bringing together cross functional teams and leading without direct authority; Product Management; managing, leading, motivating and nurturing employees; becoming a change agent; Mentoring for excellence; Branding yourself as a leader.

We will also accept short videos of 2 minutes or less on any of the above topics.

Think Different; Make a Difference (4 sessions)

“You have got to be little different if you want to get noticed. After all, would anyone give the Tower of Pisa a second glance if it were standing straight.” – Monique Van Vooren

One cannot escape from stereotypes – its human tendency to ‘box’ anything and everything that we come across -consciously or otherwise. Differences are seen as contradictions and so ‘being different’, means you are essentially running the risk of being ‘disliked’. People usually criticize what they don’t have in them – that is perhaps why stereotypes are formed, that is why it is called ‘taking care’ when a women is doing it Vs ‘taking charge’ when a man is doing it.

Being different means that you are challenging and defying a set of criteria that others have set for you.

This track looks as why being different is no just good, but essential if you have to become extra-ordinary. Women who have wanted it all and gotten in, by being unapologetic, made choice or trade offs not ‘sacrifices,’ who have inspiring stories to tell on how they have found a balance between ‘getting it done’ and still being ‘likable’.

We will accept short videos of 2 minutes or less on any of the submitted topics. A variety of formats are encouraged.

Student & Early Career Track (4 sessions):

The Student & Early Career track is for students, new hires, academics and researchers. This track highlights ways technical women can start out their careers both in industry and academia.

Topics may include: finding a job, getting prepared for the corporate world, internships and undergraduate research, understanding corporate culture, mentoring, pursuing higher education, curriculum balancing between fundamentals and changing trends, and the skillsets for academics vs. industry professionals.

We will accept short videos of 2 minutes or less on any of the submitted topics. A variety of formats are encouraged.