GHCI 17 Call For Submissions FAQs

Submissions Information

How many submissions can a person make?

A person can only make one submission which can either be a proposal under any of the tracks or a poster submission. The submission under a track can only be for one format type – presentation, lightning talk, workshop, panel or original research paper.

Can two individuals collaborate and submit two papers (primary person will be interchanged in each)?

The conference submission tool will not allow an author to be listed in two submissions. You can choose to work together on two papers, but your name can only appear in one submission. .

Can  a track submission and poster have the same topic?

No. Since only one submission can be made for either a track or poster, there can only be one topic.

Can people from different organizations/institutes contribute to the same paper?

Yes, people from different organizations can co-author the same paper.

When is the submission deadline?

The deadline for Call for Submissions is June 9, 2017. Please see all details on the Call for Submissions page.

How many members can form a team to submit a poster? What are the subjects for posters?

There is no set number, but generally the poster format does not warrant more than 2-3 members. However, if the poster is selected, only one conference pass will be issued for the main speaker to present the poster. Topics for the poster competition can cover any of the technical tracks or your current research.

As per the guidelines the submission content should not describe a specific product. How can one describe the concept as experiments are done using some products or tools?

You should not give specific details of your company’s product. It would be best to describe the salient features of the work done, and focus on the general takeaways for a technical audience, rather than a specific product offering.

Can one get access to last year’s submission topics?

You can view the sessions from last year on the GHCI 16 conference schedule. You can also see the recorded conference sessions on our YouTube channel.

Can the GHCI committee publish some previously selected papers that might help aspirants to get a better idea of how to write a good paper?

We do not own the intellectual property rights to the papers submitted and hence cannot share data from the Call for Submissions (CFS) process. You can refer to the session formats and guidelines to get a better idea of what goes into a good submission.

Is there a constraint that presenters and authors must only be female? Can there be male co-authors and presenters?

While the Call for Submissions process is open to all,  a higher degree of consideration is given to female authors and presenters, based on’s mission of connecting, inspiring and guiding women in technology.

Early Bird Review

How many times can an individual submit the paper? How many times is the feedback given?

This year, we have introduced the Early Bird review. If you make your submission before May 5, 2017, your paper will be reviewed and then feedback will be made available to you. You can use this feedback to improve your submission before the final submission deadline of June 9, 2017. This will be a one time feedback process.

Can I choose one topic for the Early Bird submission and later on do a submission on some other topic?

No you need to do the complete the submission on the same topic. Early Bird submission is  a part of the main Call for Submissions process.

What are the expectations from Early Bird submission?

Please follow the submission requirements. The Early Bird submission is an opportunity to get feedback from the GHCI reviewers on your submission and use that to improve your submission.

Is there Early Bird review available for the poster competition?


Original Research

Is it mandatory that the work/research should be complete before submitting the paper?

No, the research does not need to be complete. However, the paper must contain significant insights of the research to be a valuable topic for the conference. For example, you cannot simply present a hypothesis and experiment setup. There must be some results, however preliminary, and some analysis for discussion of the paper at a forum such as GHCI.

If I did a research more than two years back in PG, am I still eligible for submitting my paper?

Yes. Please evaluate if the paper would still be a relevant and cover the latest technology as of today.

Session Formats

For all the questions and clarifications on the Session Formats please refer to the guidelines, which has all the details. If you still have a doubt please write to us at .

Track Information

There is  a track called Emerging technologies. Are legacy technologies discouraged? Are legacy technologies given less weightage under this track?

Emerging Technologies focuses on cutting edge, disruptive technologies in the industry today and submitting to this track implies that the technology is fairly new. All other tracks accept papers on legacy or current technologies. Please refer to the track descriptions for further details.

You have some specified sub-topics under the Techno Social Innovation track. If submitting for this track, is it mandatory that the paper should fall under one of the specified sub-topics?

No. Track descriptions are meant as a broad guideline for the submitter to get an idea of the themes of discussion in that particular track. The paper can be in a related field. In case you are not sure which track it should belong to, please go through sub-topics or get in touch with your organization’s Ambassador.