GHCI 17 Track: Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud

Big Data and IoT technologies enable billions of everyday objects to collect and exchange data with each other over the internet in real time to make data intelligent, thereby unlocking new opportunities and creating value. Cloud helps this hyper connectivity by making it easier to host, reconfigure, achieve elasticity and scale. This track will focus on the tools, technologies, processes behind Big Data, IoT, and Cloud and the related applications in real world situations.

The track welcomes submissions, including original research. It is not mandatory that the proposals should be based on all the three technology stacks (Big Data, IoT and Cloud), it can be on any one of the subsets as well. Open Source tools and technology can also be highlighted in the submission, if relevant.

The submission topics for this track include, but are not limited to:

  • Big Data related – Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB, Impala, Spark Mlib, pySpark, Ignite, any graph database (Titan, Neo4j etc.).
  • Cloud Services – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc. and their technologies (Say, for AWS the solutions build on AWS EMR, Lambda, DynamoDB, Redshift, Kinesis, SNS, AWS IoT etc.), virtualisation and containerisation.
  • IoT and Edge Computing related – devices, device management, sensors, gateways
  • Big Data/IoT Enterprise or Consumer use cases – Energy, Resources, Industrial, Retail/Commercial, Consumer (Home, Home office), Enterprise, Transport/Mobility, HealthCare, Facilities and Safety(Buildings and campuses water and gas supply, appliances, power distribution, access control, Surveillance, Life Safety, Climate Control etc.)
  • Key challenges like data collection, data streaming, data mining, data visualization, privacy and trust, standards, security, interoperability, integrity of data, scalability, processes etc.

Important Information

  • Click here to know more about the GHCI 17 session formats, for making a submission.
  • Please go through the submission requirements for all tracks (except posters).
  • Early Bird Review: If you make a submission before May 5, 2017, your submission will be quickly reviewed. Based on the feedback you can improve your proposal before the final submission deadline.
  • Please ensure you make your submission on Linklings, the GHCI 17 Submissions tool by June 9, 2017.
  • If you are submitting an original research as your submission, please use the form for ‘Original Reasearch’ on Linklings under each track.