GHCI 17 Track: Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering is one of the most fundamental realm of Computer Science and Engineering. This track invites high quality technical submissions in the broad field of Systems Engineering areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Software Architecture – Design & Algorithms for Scale and Performance
  • Security – trends in vulnerability and paradigms to build secure services
  • Hardware, Storage, Network, Wireless Technologies and their Management
  • Microarchitectures and Programming Paradigms

We encourage submissions that are based on practical experiences on the computer systems aspects of building real hardware and software products in various fields such as cloud applications and software platforms, finance, aviation, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, retail operations, entertainment, etc. Submissions can also include original research ideas. Open Source tools and technology can also be highlighted in the submission, if relevant.

Important Information

  • Click here to know more about the GHCI 17 session formats, for making a submission.
  • Please go through the submission requirements for all tracks (except posters).
  • Early Bird Review: If you make a submission before May 5, 2017, your submission will be quickly reviewed. Based on the feedback you can improve your proposal before the final submission deadline.
  • Please ensure you make your submission on Linklings, the GHCI 17 Submissions tool by June 9, 2017.
  • If you are submitting an original research as your submission, please use the form for ‘Original Reasearch’ on Linklings under each track.