GHCI 18 Track: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Under this track we welcome submissions on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Model Parallelization and Distributed Algorithms in real world scenarios, that have generated significant business and research impact. Submissions can include original research as well as re-use of reputed technologies in new use-cases. Open source tools and technology can also be highlighted in the submission, if relevant.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

 Language and Speech Processing

  • Text Mining, Natural Language Understanding
  • Conversational Virtual Agents
  • Question-answering Systems
  • Web and Social Media Analytics

Computer Vision and Multi-modal Analytics

  • Intelligent Video Analytics
  • Information Processing across Multiple Channels and Different Modalities

Bias prediction and avoidance

  • Ethics and Algorithmic Bias in AI
  • Transparency of AI Systems

Deep Learning & Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning and Reinforcement learning
  • Distributed Deep Learning
  • Adversarial Neural Networks
  • Self-Learning Systems
  • Transfer Learning

Trends in AI

  • Behavior Modelling
  • Artificial General Intelligence
  • Accessibility and AI
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Innovation Applications of AI for Practical Problem Solving

Convergence of HPC and AI

  • Productivity Languages for AI and HPC (discussions on only open-source tools and languages are allowed.)
  • AI augmented High Performance Computing
  • Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
  • Optimal Code Generation – Parallelization Techniques through Compilers

HPC Infrastructure and performance

  • Scalable Frameworks for Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Performance Scalability of large scale applications and workloads
  • Tools for High Performance Computing – Optimal Performance and Efficient Use of Hardware
  • HPC & Cloud
  •  Emerging Architectures, Storage and Memory systems

Emerging Areas in HPC ( Submissions describing design and development of HPC Algorithms, Systems or Applications in the mentioned domains are welcome )

  • Life Sciences, Molecular modelling, Quantum Chemistry, Bio-informatics
  • Financial Data Processing : Trading, Fraud and Threat Detection, Risk Analytics
  • Energy & Environment: Oil & Gas, Seismic data, Weather
  • Computer Aided Engineering: Structures, Crash, Fluids
  • Automotive & Aeronautics

Important Information

  • Click here to know more about the GHCI 18 session formats, for making a submission.
  • Please go through the submission requirements for all tracks (except posters).
  • Please ensure you make your submission on Linklings, the GHCI 18 Submissions tool by June 8, 2018.