The Grace Hopper Celebration India (GHCI) 18 conference is almost here. There are plenty of learning and networking opportunities for every GHCI 18 attendee. You can also count on having lots of fun at this celebration. See you at #GHCI18!

For all the GHCI 18 session details click on the online schedule.  

November 14, 2018

11.00 am to 1.30 pm: GHCI 18 registrations
-There are no on-spot registrations. Please ensure you have completed your GHCI 18 registrations online prior to the conference. During the on-site registrations delegates can pick up their attendee badge.
– GHCI 18 attendee bags will be  given out on November 14, 2018.

11.30 am to 1.30 pm: Lunch and Networking

2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

– Welcome presentation
– Keynote 1: Lori Beer, Global CIO of JPMorgan Chase & Co.
– Keynote 2: Vaishali Kasture, Founder of Sonder Connect
– Entertainment
– Women Entrepreneur Quest (2018) Award Presentation

5.00 pm  to 5.30 pm: High Tea

November 15  and 16, 2018

Time: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Both the days will include:

Track: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High-Performance Computing (HPC) The sessions will be on topics related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Model Parallelization and Distributed Algorithms in real world scenarios, that have generated significant business and research impact.
Track: Design in Tech  Technology  must solve human problems and solve them in an engaging and responsible way. Good design at its heart is good engineering with a deep understanding of human conditions. The Design in Tech track will cover topics that are at the cross-roads of engineering and design and push for good user experience.
Track: Emerging Technologies  Rapid technological innovations and disruptions in multiple domains have entirely transformed our business and personal lives, undoubtedly for the better! In the Emerging Technologies track, the sessions will explore new and developing technologies and their potential to propel the shift from the way we do business and lead our lives today.
Track: Trends In Platform Engineering This track encompasses sessions on a wide spectrum of trends in technologies in the realm of computer science and engineering. The topics will focus on Core Computing, Hardware, Networks, Security and Cloud-based solutions.
Track: Tech for Good  The sessions in this track will be in the space of technical innovations for social development challenges. This includes architectural advocacy, new-age design, application of machine learning and deep learning algorithms, engineering solutions and novel technical approaches to solve social problems.  
Track: Original Research  What could be more exciting than new technology? The answer is technology that is being created; technology that we have not yet laid eyes on. Get a peep into the future as researchers open the lid on what is brewing in their laboratories. We are introducing a track dedicated to research this year where we are proud to bring the eminent research organizations in the country and share some of their work.
Track: Career360 Technologists  love logic, programming and engineering. That said, having a meaningful and successful career demands more than technical skills and expertise. Competencies centered around people, emotions, attitude, intelligence, interactions, aspirations and influence are integral to career advancement. The Career360 track will have sessions that unfold successful career trajectories, present experiences and wisdom of inspiring role models and focus on upcoming career paradigms and skills.
iConnect Sessions  iConnect is a platform where leading organizations will showcase their exciting technologies. The sessions will cover how technology supports the business; how organizations and their experts overcome a myriad of challenges to enable growth and create success stories. Spanning across different industries, domains and geographies, these sessions will leave the audience with a rich insight into how technology is leveraged to resolve real world challenges.
GHCI 18 Women in Leadership (By Invite Only) The GHCI 18 Women in Leadership is for an elite cohort of senior level women. The session will focus on transformational leadership that taps into the individual potential and energy of each participant to create impactful leaders. There will be emphasis and learning around being effective and consistent leaders, that can lead individuals and teams to perform their best and achieve goals. This session is an unconference, specially designed and structured to enable deep-dive exchange of information and ideas, experiential learning and reflection among the participants and expert facilitators. Attendees will also get an opportunity to get mentored and network with industry leaders. Admission for invited attendees only.
TechTalks TechTalks will include exciting and interactive dialogues with the tech front runners of our times. Come hear their stories on achieving the impossible, while they tell us more about their ideas and solutions. These experts and leaders will be sharing their voyages filled with challenges and triumphs. These engaging talks will surely leave a lasting impact on you and your journey.
GHCI 18 Career Fair  The GHCI 18 Career Fair gives women professionals and students from technical backgrounds the chance to meet top recruiters from global technology companies. Individuals can explore internships and full-time job opportunities.
GHCI 18 Tech Expo  The Tech Expo will be showcasing some of the latest technology products and solutions, from the world of startups and large organizations. “Experience” technology first hand! Don’t miss this opportunity where technology will truly come alive in front of thousands of women in technology.
Poster Session This is an opportunity for all technology enthusiasts to come together for an open and informal discussion on innovative technology and future research. The presenters of this session are industry professionals, academia, researchers and students.
Expert Meetups GHCI 18 speakers have inspired you with their knowledge and expertise. Now you can get to know them and their journey a little more and ask all the questions you have always wanted to ask through the expert meet up sessions. Our speakers will spend 60-min with the delegates in an informal setting enabling a more open interaction. This is a great opportunity for one to get to know their role models and the inside stories that made them who they are.
Speed Mentoring  Are you just beginning your career, inundated with questions and doubts? Want to get insights into the corporate world from seasoned players? Do you need spot mentoring for a specific question that has been on your mind? This session is for you! Experienced women in technology from the volunteering community will be your guide and provide the answers you need to shape your career. Session format: Mentors will be available to answer your questions and guide you on your career path; 15 minutes will be provided for each group with each mentor; At the end of 15 minutes the group will move on to the next mentor.
Faculty – Networking Session A special session to address the faculty who are attending GHCI 18 as part of India’s academia outreach. Admission for faculty only.
Student Scholar Connect This is a networking session for GHCI 18 Scholars and ACM India-W team. Admission for student scholars only.