GHCI 18 Sponsor Giveaways

For GHCI 18, the Sponsor categories below can provide branded giveaways for the GHCI 18 conference bags. The bags will be handed over to all attendees that register  for a GHCI 18 full conference pass :

Lead – 1 item
Gold – 1 item

Please note the giveaway requirements to be followed (applicable to Lead and Gold Sponsors only):

  • Avoid fragile, heavy or large items. Items need to be well packaged to avoid damage.
  • Your item has to be approved by the India team. Please provide a description of the giveaway with dimensions and a photo by September 18, 2018. Please send this to with the subject line ‘GHCI 18 giveaway from <organization name>’
  • Post approval, you will need to ship 4,300 pieces to a given address by October 31, 2018. We will not be able to accept less than 4,300 pieces for any giveaway. 
  • It is not compulsory to provide a giveaway.