GHCI 18 Tech Expo

Tech Expo Presenters – GHCI Sponsor Organizations

American Express
 ML Studio Machine  |  Shop Small Map  |  Smart Monitoring: Transforming the Customer Experience


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American Express is looking to solve problems using advanced analytics and programming methods to provide the world’s best customer experience. A few examples that will be shared include:

  • ML Studio Machine
    Learning Studio is a one-stop solution to weave machine learning into all of American Express’ data-driven decisions by bringing analytical insights to the fingertips of thousands of data users across Amex.
  • Shop Small Map
    The Amex Shop Small Map helps Card Members find nearby small businesses where they can use their Card and support local communities. Card Members can search for businesses by popularity, and when they log-in we can personalize suggestions based on their spending history.
  • Smart Monitoring: Transforming the Customer Experience
    Smart Monitoring, an industry-leading risk management approach, transformed a process that previously relied on manual testing to create an integrated data-driven platform that detects and addresses potential risks in real time.

 Experiment. Learn. Grow. Repeat

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At Flipkart, the best ideas always win. One’s background or hierarchy in the organization does not matter. ‘Quality of idea’ is the only currency that delivers! What sets an individual apart here is the passion to follow through to make ideas a reality and the relentless pursuit of excellence, at the scale of India. Everyday Flipsters solve problems that have the potential to make ‘India’ grow. Some of our solutions are industry-first — not limited to the context of Flipkart or e-commerce, but ones that have been adopted by players across industries. These solutions are the result of countless experiments, failures and a rich set of learnings.

In just over a decade Flipkart has pioneered many breakthroughs, changing the lives of millions of Indians. Now we are paving the way for the next decade of change. Come, visit us at GHCI to experience these innovations and learn about the part you can play in shaping commerce in our country, in the future. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality  |  Automating Business Transaction Workflow Using Blockchain  |  Smart QuickBooks

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  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
    Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces, VR places the user inside an experience. Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds. By simulating as many senses as possible, such as vision, hearing, touch, even smell, the computer is transformed into a gatekeeper to this artificial world.
    Augmented reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. Unlike virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial environment, augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it.
    We have created a VR-AR application to give you a virtual view of the Intuit campus.
  • Automating Business Transaction Workflow Using Blockchain
    Small businesses spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks when they sell products to other businesses. This demo automates repetitive tasks and ensures accuracy, saving small businesses time, increasing their confidence and removing anxiety. It uses blockchain, it’s a distributed ledger that runs without the need of a central server. It removes the middleman in a transaction, enabling people to create, verify and enforce a transaction in a safe, secure and transparent way. People can negotiate and transact in real-time, directly with each other.
  • Smart QuickBooks
    More than 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020. Smart QuickBooks Desktop is a step in IoT that lets its users and accountants focus on business while accounting  just gets done. Using the power of third party app developers, Smart QuickBooks brings in an enhanced ecosystem that can be accessed anytime/anywhere through QuickBooks SDK restful APIs that can be consumed to build apps to be integrated with any device like Android/iOS Mobile, Google glass, tablets etc.

Cloud Central

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Cloud Central is a NetApp’s suite of solutions,providing a broad spectrum of innovative solutions for Enterprise Customers using Cloud.Cloud central encompasses solutions like Cloud Volumes, Cloud Insights, Cloud Sync, and Saas Backup.
NetApp®Cloud Volumes offers customers a fully-managed,cloud-native file storage service that’s integrated with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AWS, and Microsoft Azure. NetApp®Cloud Volumes help customers deploy workloads like video rendering,databases,high-performance computing and continuous integration on various Cloud Platforms.
We will be demonstrating some of the use cases of NetApp®Cloud Central in Tech-Expo.

  • Use Case 1:
    At any instance Mark’s organization decides to move to cloud, NetApp® Cloud Volume is the place to go where he can provision 0TB to 100 TB in less than 10 second
  • Use Case 2:
    Email being the heart of an organization, losing them will affect business & reputation. Save Mark’s mission critical emails with NetApp’s SaaS Backup solution, to restore them within minutes.
  • Use Case 3:
    Providing complete Data Authority to Mark in hybrid cloud by “lift + shift” of data from On-Premise to any Cloud  Service provider and any Cloud Service Provider to On – Premise.

Oracle IoT Fleet Management  |  Oracle Data Visualization: Empower business users to explore, discover and visualize their data

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  • Oracle IoT Fleet Management
    An integrated demo of Oracle Asset and Fleet Management application to address the challenges of fleet operators. Provides insights into the connected fleet, real-time monitoring, transportation visibility and fleet performance. Connect any type of vehicle, track the drivers’ behavior’s (over speeding, off-route driving, off-hours driving), and Unified, Real-time, Accurate Assets Visibility. Real time transportation visibility integrated with supply chain management.
  • Oracle Data Visualization: Empower business users to explore, discover, and visualize their data
    The tool’s autonomous capability to recognize certain data types allows it to intelligently make recommendations to enrich your data. The Explain right click feature allows you to rapidly understand the main drivers of any attribute values in your data. In a few seconds you can see basic facts, key drivers, segments, anomalies and outliers, all visually represented. Use BI Ask to perform impromptu visualizations with a search driven approach to analytics.

Demos: Qualcomm 3DoF and 6DoF virtual reality technology  |  6DoF “Inside-out tracking” on Qualcomm powered all-in-one Vive Focus HMD  |  Qualcomm Voice enabled Wi-Fi IoT Router  |  Qualcomm Wearables Demo  |
Qualcomm Graphics – Gaming on Snapdragon  |  Depth Mapping using
Machine Learning  |  Touch-To-Track

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  • Qualcomm 3DoF and 6DoF virtual reality technology
    3DoF content (still 360-degree images, videos, or mobile games) on the Snapdragon 835 powered smartphones slotted into a head-mounted display (HMD) that enable consumers to have a more immersive visual experience by letting them view the scene from all angles by rotating their head in any direction.
  • 6DoF “Inside-out tracking” on Qualcomm powered all-in-one Vive Focus HMD
    Our second demo takes the immersive experience a step further by introducing consumers to the “Inside-Out tracking” 6DoF technology on a standalone Vive Focus HMD (using Qualcomm hardware and algorithms). Along with head rotations, 6DoF allows for translation, with the aid of which the viewer can walk around a scene. This is achieved by constructing the viewer’s real-world 3D location (using a combination of stereo-camera captured images and inertial sensor data) and mapping it on the virtual content.
  • Qualcomm Voice enabled Wi-Fi IoT Router
    Integrating Qualcomm Wi-Fi, IoT and Voice technologies, the demo focuses on how the Qualcomm technology improves the home user experience and provides integrated solutions that converges routers, voice and IoT services into a single device.
  • Qualcomm Wearables Demo
    Showcasing watches, which were showcased in the SDW3100 launch event.
  • Qualcomm Graphics – Gaming on Snapdragon
    Showcasing Adreno GPU capabilities across the tiers through latest mobile games with varying quality and fps requirements.
  • Depth Mapping using Machine Learning
    Using Hana MTP device running PDNET Application this demo shows how to get per pixel real time depth information of a scene from the smartphone.
  • Touch-To-Track
    Touch-to-Track is an SCVE Object Tracking algorithm that aims at Computer Vision application development on mobile devices. This algorithm is demonstrated using SDM670/845/855 QRD (or MTP) device running T2T apk and users can observe tracking of multiple objects simultaneously.


Reliance Jio
 Tacker solution over NB-IoT   |  JIOTV Platform:  TV on the GO  |  Jio RCS platform demo via bot (Rich Call)  |  JIOCINEMA-VR — Entertainment @fingertips

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  • Tacker solution over NB-IoT
    Reliance Jio efficiently uses existing spectrum and software upgrade to enable Narrow Band – IoT, a standard based low power wide area (LPWA) technology to enable a wide range of new IoT devices and services.
    Stop by our booth to see how devices attach to NB-IOT n/w, collect GPS info, form payload, send to MQTT server, store data in DB. App server reads, processes and displays data on portal.
    You can also have a sneak peek in to Location Tracking (periodic/scheduled, geo fencing), Alerts (SoS), Device Management (OTA upgrades), Companion Apps (Android, iOS), and Analytics.
  • JIOTV Platform:  TV on the GO
    JioTV is a revolutionary platform providing access to more than 600+ Live TV channels and 7 days catch-up TV across 10+ Indian languages. Check out how Jio solved the problem of integrating multiple language channels, multiple lingual app support, usage of Play-along ISL, BiggBoss, change in lang content, partner integration with Disney, 360-degree video on ios phone, and VR videos in VR headsets.
  • Jio RCS platform demo via bot (Rich Call)
    Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a standard delivered by GSMA to introduce next gen operator messaging services. With our Jio RCS platform, end users like third party bots, Android/iOS smart phone, Feature phone can get deployed and interact together seamlessly over jio RCS interface API’s.  RCS is available as native default messaging app on Feature phone. A2P aggregators and 3rd party bot providers can transact over controlled access to RCS. Having a runtime environment bot engine makes it faster. Reliance Jio4GVoice app is India’s only RCS application with Chatbot store.
    User will be able to set the context of call by adding customized message, tag call as urgent, image, location, sketch on the go – on the map and more.
    Introducing Rich Call, revolutionizing the way call is made. Come experience this over Jio RCS platform.
  • JIOCINEMA-VR — Entertainment @fingertips
    JioCinema is the leading on-demand video library for premium Indian, Hollywood content. Eliminates movie piracy in India, solves the problem of reach (6 multiplexes-per-million) and unaffordability of quality entertainment. Provides flawless HD experience, rich regional content library.  Crossed 75+ million installs with 4.4 rating and ranked 2nd Google Play; Partnership with Disney to make popular content for users to enjoy 250 movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars; 5,000 kids’ TV episodes.
    JioCinema-VR let users step into a virtual theatre to watch movies/TV shows in an IMAX 2D like theatre-screen with its own VR headsets in the near future. Jio has VR lab in collaboration with WWI to create first-generation VR-based cinematic filmmakers in Indian film and media industry. Jio has envisaged VR arena and during RIL 40th AGM and phone launch  held on 21 July 2017 broadcast was done in 360-degree VR live.

Demo: Meet Cozmo! Our Robot Buddy.

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Cozmo demonstrates the value that SAP can bring in transforming your warehouse business with the use of IoT, Machine Learning, and Analytics.
Experience exciting demos which include warehouse shop-floor, Retail Store, Real Estate venture, bias-free skill-based Recruitment software and an Intelligent job placement related software. Come experience SAP’s innovative solutions — across businesses — leveraging cutting edge technologies.

Robotics enabled Smart Warehouse Management
(IoT, ML, Analytics)

Meet Cozmo ! Our Robot Buddy.

Cozmo forms an integral part of an automated warehouse management system and highlights the value that SAP Leonardo can bring in transforming  businesses with the use of IoT, Machine Learning, and analytics.

Brilliant Hire

‘Brilliant Hire’, SAP’s very own incubation venture  offers a bias-free skill-based pre-screening of applicants by a network of experts to simplify technical recruiting. The goal behind it is to enable ‘blind hiring’ through anonymous evaluations resulting in a faster, more inclusive hiring process.

Internet of Things for Asset Management

– Ever thought something like a “Facebook” for machines ?

– Heard of a “Digital Twin” ?

Experience the power of IoT for Asset Management, via our Lego model based demo, which showcases how SAP is creating an impact with its Intelligent Enterprise 


(AI, ML)

‘Skillate’, developed in association with SAP Co-Innovations Lab, is an Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning based product which helps recruiters by recommending the most suitable candidates from all sources, including within company database, careers page and referrals.

OCR in the Wild


The Scene Text Recognition ML service finds and reads text from natural images and scenes.  The business use-cases enabled by such an intelligent service are numerous and would be the primary focus of this presentation.


Thomson Reuters

Demos: Westlaw Edge: The Most Intelligent Legal Research Platform Ever  |  Thomson Reuters Eikon: Financial Analysis Desktop and Mobile Solution

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  • Westlaw Edge: The Most Intelligent Legal Research Platform Ever
    A complete game changing innovation using AI and Cognitive Computing! Our research scientists from Thomson Reuters Center for AI & Cognitive Computing worked very closely with a team of our attorney editors and product designers to study the areas of legal research that still take too long and can cause errors. They’ve worked with practicing lawyers around the country to make sure the new capabilities of Westlaw Edge would be really impactful for real-world practice.
    It has 4 big new capabilities that reduce research time and risk of error and includes dozens of user experience improvements for legal research throughout the site.
  • Thomson Reuters Eikon: Financial Analysis Desktop and Mobile Solution
    Highly visual and intuitive to use, Eikon is the ultimate set of financial analysis tools. Integrate multiple workflows, co-create applications and securely connect to other financial professionals. Whether you are a startup or a large corporate, we can help you find the relevant level of content and features that suits your needs.

Demo: VMware Products and Solutions

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Visit Vmware at the Tech Expo, to see how you can create exceptional experiences by mobilizing everything, responding faster to opportunities with cloud-based data and apps and taking a defense-in-depth approach to cyber security using our solutions.
Demo will cover the products and solutions from Vmware:

  • VMware’s Blockchain Technology
  • VMware Pulse IoT Center & LIOTA
  • Vmware NSX-Distributed Firewall and Micro-segmentation
  • VMware vSphere Automation and Development – API and SDK
  • VMware vSphere 6.7 – Performance Diagnostics and Benchmarking
  • Challenge Lab HOL
  • Monitor and Troubleshoot Your Infrastructure and Applications with vRealize Operations, vRealize Log Insight, and Wavefront by VMware
  • Workspace ONE UEM with App & Access Management
  • VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise and VMware Workspace ONE
  • VMware NSX Cloud
  • VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud
  • VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) & NSX Integration
  • VMware vSphere Integrated Containers
  • VMware Pivotal Container Service and Kubernetes – Getting Started
  • VMware Cloud on AWS

Tech Expo Presenters – Startup Organizations


Demo: Minion – The World’s Smallest Energy Auditor

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Minion help businesses to reduce their electricity costs by providing real-time device-level electricity consumption insights using a smart device delivered through its SaaS platform.
Minion a hand-sized energy device with much easier installations has the ability to analyze the data for valuable-actionable insights with non-intrusive energy management solution. Real-time energy consumption of multiple_assets and the devices in any facility can be captured by a single monitoring device. Minion is based on a machine-learning approach that uses automation to train its state-of-the-art-algorithm. The algorithm captures voltage and energy signatures at microsecond to identify the individual_assets used and study patterns of their consumption.
Energy management solution enables energy transparency, energy efficiency upto 30% savings, predictive maintenance and asset health monitoring.
The solution is suitable for all kind of retail facilities, restaurants, SME’s, hospitals, IT/BPO’s, banks, Automobile Sector, Individual homes and housing communities or any other industry for the monitoring of appliances/devices/tools.

Demo: InterviewAir: An AI based Asynchronous Video Profiling Multilinguistic Marketplace

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Showcasing our live platform using Mobile App & desktop browser, from candidate and company perspective, spreading awareness of Asynchronous Video Interviewing Technology. We will also use the opportunity to demonstrate how we plan to use Video Analytics to generate psychometric traits of each job applicant, from interview videos. We would also like to showcase live working of College account to bring awareness of Digital Campus placements for colleges situated in remote areas. Also how candidates performance can be improved in interviews, using feedback mechanism. Lastly, we would love to showcase our Interactive Consultant Model where how Unique Tracking Code can be generated and Interviews can be shared with their potential clients.

Pytheos Health Systems
Scientific Wellness and Digital Health Design Demo Organization

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We are solving two problems that are rampant in wellness and prevention which is individualisation and optimisation. Our technology collects lots of data on individual health status and create a blueprint which is unique for the person through evidence base. We use technology like graph DBs, knowledge engine and algorithms to arrive at that. Also our UX layer uses wearables, VR, touch screen for sophisticated wellness experience.

COINSenseGiz Technologies Private Limited
COIN – A proprietary mesh network of sensor nodes

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1. Many large manufacturers, warehouses, hospitals etc lose a lot of money because the amount of time it takes for them to track, manage, find critical assets as well as the state of the condition of equipment and assets, manage the unique raw materials they need is too long. Also, the safety & security of assets, as well as employees, is also a concern.
2. Food and goods losses due to improper storage and supply chain amount to roughly U.S. $680 billion in industrialized countries and U.S. $310 billion in developing countries.
3. In the U.S. alone in 2016, an estimated loss of $14.3 billion was reported due to property losses by the illegal intrusion.
4. By 2030, approximately 1402 million people will be above 60 years of age. The declining proportion of working-age people will create an enormous challenge to cover the social and health care costs of the aging population.

Solution COIN, our proprietary low powered point to point mesh network of tiny low-cost sensor nodes having an effective communication speed of 1 Mbps and self-healing and self-learning capabilities. COIN can be used for various use cases like real-time condition monitoring, Asset and people tracking in real time and perimeter security solutions.

1. Each COIN has a temperature, humidity, motion and vibration sensor onboard. All units are controlled and configured from Sensegiz’s cloud platform. COINs are placed at various locations within a cold storage room, warehouse, cold storage truck etc. which detects the temperature in real time and notifies the user in case the threshold limits are crossed. Benefits include improved quality, improved productivity, improved workforce coordination, real-time alert notification in case of a change in temperature, shock/impact, vibration etc. as well as historical & current data reports.
2.COINs placed at the various locations within the premise form the fixed sensor nodes whereas the other products SAFR or FIND worn by a person or tagged to an asset form the moving sensor node. The fixed and moving sensor nodes together form a mesh network which can track the assets and people in real time at a workplace such as a shop floor, manufacturing unit or warehouse etc. The company’s geofencing solution helps to make sure that the assets do not enter or leave the assigned areas. In case the asset leaves or enters the restricted area, an immediate alert/notification is sent to the admin and this reduces the risk of asset been stolen or misplaced. The customers can upload the map of the entire facility and monitor these activities in real time from a remote facility.
3. COINs can also detect vibration and motion; can be attached to walls, fences, perimeters to detect tampering or unauthorized entry in real time. Intelligent algorithms can recognize human activities using the dual motion & vibration sensors. Real-time data analysis has the ability to distinguish between humans and other objects such as vehicles, animals etc.

Ziroh LabsZiroh Labs
Encrypted Computing : Preserving Privacy & Ensuring Confidentiality

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Ziroh Labs is a deep tech start-up formed by Ph.D. students and Professors of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The organization has invented homomorphic encryption algorithms (6 patents, pending) that shows how AI, File & Database storage tasks can be processed in an encrypted form without decryption of data at all stages. The demo will exhibit how data can be stored in the cloud without letting the cloud service provider know what is being stored and processed. It will show how the most common cloud storage systems such as Google Drive, S3, OpenStack can be integrated on the fly and provide all features including search over encrypted text.