GHCI 18 Track: Design in Tech

Technology cannot exist for technology’s sake. It must solve human problems and solve them in an engaging and responsible way. Good design at its heart is good engineering with a deep understanding of human conditions. The Design in Tech track is for those of you working at the cross-roads of engineering and design and pushing for good user experience.

As new technologies emerge in Machine Learning, Big Data and Mixed Reality, it is evident that the scope for UX is moving beyond just the User Interface. Whether we are building the next cutting edge Chatbot or we are crafting a new game strategy, we need to consider the context of our end users and create solutions that make them accessible, usable, useful and aesthetic. Deep empathy for end user needs, combined with a collaborative approach to crafting products is becoming the new mantra for design-led engineering.

We have five broad themes for your submission this year:

  1. Design in New Technologies: How are you driving the design and user experience of products in emerging technologies like Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Gaming, etc.
  2. Emerging Design Practices: Case studies on how you are re-innovating the design process within your organizations with emerging trends in technology (e.g.  human centered machine learning or design thinking for AI / ML, circular design, and breakthroughs in usability engineering).
  3. Design Strategy for Products and Services: Case studies on how you have used design as a strategic tool to shape products and services, leading innovation by design.
  4. Corporate Design Education and Culture: How are you building design awareness and design skills in the broadening scope of the design in technology, management, art and science. This is an emerging area where large and small companies, government and public sector are evangelizing and pulling up design mindfulness across all functions and roles.
  5. Design Value: How are you applying design in technology to shape our societies, designing for purpose and social good, ethical considerations such as security and safety needs of our people, diversity and accessibility.

We would love to read submissions that give us insights into how you

  • Craft for good user experience
  • Absorb the needs and pains of your end users
  • Solve end user problems through a human-centered approach

We have a few recommendations to help you get there:

  • Read the trends in Design in Tech report for 2018, published by John Maeda. It’s a concise report on the role of design in the context of tech, business and society. We love it!
  • Give us a compelling story to share with the GHCI community – deep insights from hands-on design practice.
  • Along with your submission share a 2-minute video, telling what GHCI participants can gain from your story. We love to see you and not just read your proposal.

Important Information

  • Click here to know more about the GHCI 18 session formats, for making a submission.
  • Please go through the submission requirements for all tracks (except posters).
  • Please ensure you make your submission on Linklings, the GHCI 18 Submissions tool by June 8, 2018.