GHCI 18 Track: Emerging Technologies

Rapid technological innovations and disruptions in multiple domains have entirely transformed our business and personal lives, undoubtedly for the better!

New trends in technology often develop on the fringes, and when they hit a level of maturity, they storm the mainstream with full force – be it to revolutionize governance, businesses or direct consumer technologies, with immense impact. In the Emerging Technologies track, we strive to explore these new and developing technologies and their potential to propel the shift from the way we do business and lead our lives today. If the endless possibilities of new Emerging Technologies excites you, we invite you to submit your proposals for this track. The submissions should have technical depth (not just idea), and you as an author and speaker should have firsthand experience of working on the topic of your proposal. Following is a list of some broad submission areas for this track, but not limited to:

Blockchain as a Technology Platform, Intelligent Mesh and security

  • How can Blockchain transform verticals?
  • Regulation, standard and governance : A significant amount of regulatory architecture and supervisory technology serve as a check on the risk of fraud or error. An insight into the regions financial regulation, Jurisdictional issues and the international footprint which is critical.
  • Security intelligence by maintaining data security, transparency and efficiency – Demystifying the trends, have zero-trust security model and forecasting future opportunities and threats
  • Evolution of Cybersecurity, Darknets – Blockchain has potential value in re-engineering cybersecurity

 Environment and Physical World

  • Now or Never: How Green Technology is no longer just theoretical
  • Machine Vision: Gene Therapy  and Advancements in Biotechnology, Biometrics – technology in our bodies
  • Physical environment mapping system

Distributed Energy, Space Exploration, New age Travel and Security

  • Distributed Energy
  • Future of Space Exploration, Supersonic Travel

Applied Robotics and Digital Assistants

  • Improved Digital Assistants, AI-based Motion Controllers, Drones and Depth-sensing camera lens
  • Applied Robotics: Human Enhancement and Medical Applications ( Robotic Surgery, Life extension, Tissue engineering), Cloud Robotics
  •  The rise of Robotics as a Service
  • Next-Gen Transportation & Autonomous Vehicles
  • Streaming evolution: way media will be consumed tomorrow – TV becomes a primary device, a future way of working, shopping and communication where digital world and our world collaborate
  •  Moving world, sonic art and digital citizenship

Quantum Computing and Beyond

  • Artificial General Intelligence, Cognitive ability measures & Cognitive Robotics
  • Quantum Computers, Whole brain architecture
  • Building Quantum ecosystems – meteorology, geoengineering, & battling climate change

Important Information

  • Click here to know more about the GHCI 18 session formats, for making a submission.
  • Please go through the submission requirements for all tracks (except posters).
  • Please ensure you make your submission on Linklings, the GHCI 18 Submissions tool by June 8, 2018.