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Quotes from Our Sponsors

American Express (Platinum Sponsor)

“As a global company, it is vital to our success that our colleagues are as diverse as the customers and communities we serve. American Express has built a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace – a culture we are committed to continuing. We believe that commitment not only provides competitive advantage in the marketplace, it also helps us back our customers.

“Inclusion and diversity are in our DNA at American Express. They are embedded in our company values, our leadership behaviors and our business practices. Building and maintaining a culture of inclusion and diversity takes intention and focused effort, across all levels of an organization. American Express is committed to developing a technology talent pool in India that brings together unique perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. We’re proud to partner with to support women in technology everywhere.”
– Ruchika Panesar, Vice President of Technology at American Express

BNY Mellon (Platinum Sponsor)

“BNY Mellon is engineering the future of finance for people with diverse backgrounds. The technology we are building does not come with gender norms, then why people? Innovation flourishes in a diverse environment. I feel great being a part of the business that is driving change and cultural transformation through its people. At BNY, we believe it takes diverse minds and voices to come together to do something phenomenal. We are looking out for game changers!
Sakaar Anand, Head of Human Resources at BNY Mellon Technology

Adobe (Gold Sponsor)

“The IT industry has evolved in leaps and bounds, but women’s participation continues to remain a huge concern. We need more avenues and platforms to nurture women in the workforce as women’s employment in India stands at 26%. While there is a lot done in this space, we need to clearly do more. At Adobe, we took some bold steps around bringing pay & opportunity parity. We’ve had multiple initiatives addressing this challenge at every level – from creating a pipeline of women in tech through our Technovation program for young girls to nurturing women at the workplace, to mentoring them as they return to their careers after a break.

“Leadership Circles and Women Executive Shadow Programs have been great platforms around coaching and development of women leaders. These programs consist of a variety of activities such as professional coaching, skill development workshops and perspective building training. Additionally, Women in Tech is another channel, to bring women from different industries together and share their success stories. Our SheSparks program encourages women to resume work post a break with focussed mentoring.

“Fortunately, we have found that the programs and investments for women drive deeper diversity and inclusion across various dimensions that go beyond gender.”
Anuradha Pentareddy, Senior Director ACS India & Global Shared Services Head at Adobe

Amazon (Gold Sponsor)

“At Amazon, we are a company of builders who bring varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of view to invent on behalf of our customers.

“As I ponder on what makes me personally feel included in the workplace, I am grateful for my numerous allies and sponsors who made me consider options beyond seemingly insurmountable challenges. Being at Amazon, I feel part of a workplace that acknowledges the challenges of being a parent, daughter, spouse, and employee at the same time and accepts the whole package. I have learned through my experience how an ally-filled community is critical in fostering a inclusive, healthy environment for women to grow. It needs to be driven deliberately and consciously within an organization.

“Diverse and inclusive teams have a positive impact on our products and services, and help us better serve our customers, selling partner, content creators, employees, and community stakeholders from every background.”
– Lekha Bhargavi, Senior Manager of Software Development at Amazon

Credit Suisse (Gold Sponsor)

“Our vision is to establish India as a leading center of technology delivery excellence and innovation for Credit Suisse globally. We are committed to providing an inclusive, supportive, and flexible work environment where results matter. Meet us at the iConnect session, technology expo booth, and career fair to learn more.”
– John Burns, Managing Director, Head of IT, India, and Senior Franchise Officer, Pune at Credit Suisse

EY (Gold Sponsor)

“At EY, we have worked diligently to create a fair and equitable environment for all our people, and to do our part to accelerate women’s progress in the workplace. Women have been some of the earliest pioneers, including Grace Hopper, Ada Lovelace, and Katherine Johnson. In addition, overwhelming evidence demonstrates the business benefits of gender diversity:

  • Teams that include women are more successful at logical analysis, coordination, planning, and problem solving (MIT/Carnegie Mellon).
  • 30% female representation on boards could add up to 6 percentage points to a company’s net margin (Peterson Institute).
  • More equality leads to more productivity.
  • More gender-balanced leadership leads to better all-around performance.

“Having a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture is part of our DNA at EY. Respecting our people’s unique skills and perspectives is a key tenant of how we build a better working world.”
Steve George, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at EY

Goldman Sachs (Gold Sponsor)

“Events like Grace Hopper Celebration India are crucial in fostering a diverse pipeline of future leaders in Engineering. We at Goldman Sachs are delighted to continue our partnership to achieve our shared vision of a gender balanced workplace.”
Gunjan Samtani, Head of Goldman Sachs in Bengaluru

Google (Gold Sponsor)

“To create the equitable future we aspire for our organizations, society, and the world around us, women and technology together can be a powerful combination to take us towards growth in all dimensions.”

Madhuri, Senior Director, gPS MediaOps Scaled Services

Oracle (Gold Sponsor) 

“Diverse thinking can make huge contributions to business. It allows businesses to think, share, and practice different ways of approaching the same problem. Companies need to be aware of the unconscious bias, take conscious steps to eliminate the bias, and build the right ecosystem where a diverse culture flourishes. At the same time, every woman needs to take the initiative – take incremental steps toward moving the needle and building their careers. More important is to empower women from within. Through networking, interacting with peers and women leaders from diverse sectors and backgrounds can go a long way in helping women professionals meet their goals and be successful.”
Subraya Yeltimar (Shenoy), Group Vice President at Oracle

Qualcomm (Gold Sponsor)

“At Qualcomm, we invent great technologies that transform industries and change the lives of people across the world. Inclusion and diversity are at the very heart of innovation. It requires different perspectives to take an idea, perfect it, and turn it into world-changing technology. And it requires an energetic, diverse workforce to come up with those different perspectives. Here at Qualcomm, we find diversity, and the creativity it brings, is vital to our success.”
Viji Ranganna, Senior Director, Engineering at Qualcomm

United Technologies (Gold Sponsor)

“Digital acceleration is changing our world at an unprecedented pace and the future of our industries will be shaped by innovation rooted in gender parity. At United Technologies (UTC) we are investing in talent at nearly every stage of life to ensure women are the leaders of today and tomorrow.

“Through efforts like UTC India’s Re-Empower and WeCare4U programs, we’re cultivating a workforce with women at the forefront. And by partnering with Girls Who Code (GWC) to launch in India, we are offering opportunities for young girls to learn critical skills like coding and web design, while enabling them to operate outside of their comfort zones, believe in themselves and strive to be brave, not perfect.

“We all have a role to play in creating an extraordinary future. It’s incredibly humbling to represent UTC as we work to expand gender diversity and STEM programs across India and around the globe.”
Vince Campisi, Chief Digital Officer at United Technologies

Wells Fargo (Gold Sponsor)

“Technology at Wells Fargo is in a transformation phase globally where we are leveraging some of the best minds to apply principles of engineering to enable our businesses to be more competitive.

“A lot of what we do today is to help our customers achieve their financial goals through technology. Everyday our teams across the globe work hard to deliver on this promise by building Products, Platforms, and Domains.

“We have teams across the globe, including India and the Philippines, building these strategic platforms leveraging Agile, Cloud, Data Engineering, Data Sciences, and Digital to serve our increasingly diverse customer base.

“We believe that as our world becomes  progressively more diverse and connected, we benefit, both individually and as a company, from collaboration among different perspectives, voices, and backgrounds. We value and promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of business and at all levels and we are proud of the engineering our women technologists do every day for our customers.”
Sajid Ahmed, Head of Technology at Wells Fargo, India and Philippines

Western Digital (Gold Sponsor)

“Western Digital takes pride in nurturing an ecosystem that fosters growth and equal opportunities for all its employees. At Western Digital India, Diversity & Inclusion is a core focus area, with our key pillars being – Hire, Retain, Network, Grow, and Develop. We have curated several programs to bridge the gender gap and we strive to empower our women workforce to be leaders and innovators. Our programs and initiatives include championing Women’s Innovation Network, Real Women-Real Inspiration series, Seat at the Table, Return from Maternity, Coaching Women for Success, and Advanced Women Leadership that help foster inclusion at every step. I am personally very passionate about Inclusive Leadership and about cultivating an open culture of equality and enablement. I believe that at Western Digital India, we have made significant progress in empowering women in technology and we eagerly look forward to future milestones.”
–  Supria Dhanda, Vice President and Country Manager at Western Digital India