GHCI 19 Track: Design and Product Evolution

For several decades, Product Design and Product Management / Marketing have been looked at as different disciplines. Though the ultimate goal of both are to provide the end-users of the product a superlative user experience while accounting for increasing competition, sustaining customer loyalty, pressure on margins and a need to incorporate agility for faster time-to-market. As the concept of what constitutes a product and what is an experience is blurring, the interplay of Design with Product Management and evolution is an aspect that we’re trying to understand. Product owners and designers that have successfully been able to create this congruence, are invited to come and share their experiences and help others in this journey. Broad categories for submission in this track include:

  • Trends in Design Innovativeness: How design trends have changed over years to cater to various changes in technologies, usage across diverse groups, accessibility for differently-abled persons and emergence of different media.
  • Challenges in Product Design: Creating global products out of India for not only Indian market but also global market has met with multiple challenges including understanding user personas, culture and norms of the region. Even within the Indian market, challenges exist to cater to users with different levels of computer knowledge and language barriers.
  • Product Evolution: How cutting edge technology work is having an impact on the product strategy and evolution – state of the art techniques and novel approaches. 
  • Product Owner: Case studies on role of the product owner in the evolution of the product. How the product owner influences the product at each life-cycle stage.

Important Information

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