GHCI 19 Track: Hardware and Internet Of Things (IoT)

We are now in an era of Internet Of Things (IoT) which is profoundly changing the way individuals and enterprise interact with technology. IoT is an interdisciplinary field where hardware is a crucial component. Today hardware has transformed into a key enabler of technology, starting from building, deploying solutions and applications to accelerators for enhancing compute power. More broadly, there is also a growing set of new hardware, architecture, and features which are laying the foundations of future computing platforms. Usability, social, legal, governance and ethical aspects are also evolving in addition to technological advancements like data brokering, intelligent mesh, 5G networking, bluetooth and Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning (ML) integration.

This track provides an opportunity for IoT and hardware practitioners to present latest trends in these fields, including, but not limited to the areas stated below.

  1. IoT Use cases:
    1. Manufacturing (Industry 4.0, Deployment, Operation, Fault Management)
    2. Transportation (Connectivity, Safety, etc )
    3. Energy ( LoRa, WPAN )
    4. Predictive Maintenance
    5. Business, Social, and Career Impact
    6. Security
    7. Privacy
    8. Community use cases
  2. Systems Dev – Healthcare / Aerospace / Power Industry / Defence / Agriculture / Home Security
  3. New use cases
  4. How hardware is transforming compute – Accelerators, GPUs, VPP, FPGAs etc
  5. New hardware Architectures (Low cost, Low power)
  6. 3D Applications
  7. Emerging hardware for AI related analysis – graph cores, FPGA and ASIC solutions, etc

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