GHCI 20 Call for Submissions FAQ


Are the submissions for GHCI 20 only open to individuals in India? 
There is no restriction on nationality to make a submission for the GHCI 20 Call for Submissions process and it includes the Poster Session. Anyone can make a submission.  If the submission is accepted, speakers will get complimentary conference passes depending on the submission type: 

  • Presentation: 1 complimentary pass
  • Lightning Talk: 1 complimentary pass
  • Poster Session: 1 complimentary pass
  • Workshops: 2 complimentary passes
  • Panel: 1 complimentary pass for each panelist 

Speakers are required to make all other related arrangements, including travel and accommodation. 

How many submissions can an individual make?
An individual can make only one submission. The submission can be a presentation, lightning talk, workshop, panel, or poster.

Can there by more than one author for a submission?
There can be more than one author for a submission. If the submission is accepted, speakers will get complimentary conference passes depending on the submission type. 

Can two individuals collaborate and submit two proposals to the conference?
That is possible. Two individuals can choose to work together on two papers, but an author’s name can appear only in one submission. The conference submission tool will not allow a second submission by an author/co-author who has already submitted another paper. 

Can one person submit the same proposal under a track as well as in the Poster Session?
No. A person can make only one submission to the conference, under any of the tracks, including the Poster Session.

Can people from different organizations/institutes contribute to the same paper?
Yes, people from different organizations can co-author the same paper. 

As per the guidelines the submission content should not describe a specific product. How can one describe the concept when the experiment has been done using a product or a tool?
The basis of the submission should be the concepts behind the work on a product or tool, rather than the product/tool itself. The focus should be on the salient features of the work done and related takeaways for a technical audience. Content based on speakers’ experience, tips and tricks learnt over time and best practices based hands-on experience will be given more weight. 

How can one get access to last year’s submission topics?
We do not publish a separate list of topics from last year. Individuals can view the sessions from last year on the GHCI 19 conference schedule. One can also view recordings of conference sessions from previous years (2014-2019) on the India YouTube channel. Examples of what makes for a good submission will be shared through Facebook Live sessions on the India Facebook page. Please also go through some tips to make an impressive submission. 

Can the GHCI committee publish some previously selected papers that might help aspirants to get a better idea of on how to write a good paper? India does not own the intellectual property rights to the papers submitted and hence cannot share data from the Call for Submissions (CFS) process. Tips on what makes for a good submission will be shared through Facebook Live sessions on the India Facebook page. Check the page for the session schedule. Please also go through some tips to make an impressive submission. 

Should presenters and authors be women? Can there be male co-authors and presenters?
While the Call for Submissions process is open to all, a higher degree of consideration is given to women authors and presenters, based on the mission of connecting, inspiring, and guiding women in technology. 

How can a submitter see reviewer feedback for their submission?
Reviewer feedback will not be published for individual submissions. Please refer to the review process guidelines. 

If individuals collaborate and want to submit three to four ideas under one topic, do they need to be part of the same abstract or different one?
Yes, all 3-4 talks should be part of a single submission if they have to be presented together in a single session; i.e., they should be covered in a single abstract and submission proposal. If each idea is going to require a separate session, please submit different abstracts. 

Does a submitter’s organization need to be a sponsor before they can make a paper submission?
The submitter’s organization does not have to be a sponsor. Anyone can make a submission for GHCI 20. They can also attend the conference by buying a non-sponsor pass as a general attendee.

Can a submitter share work which he/she worked upon last year, if the products related to it are available in the market?
A submitter can share work that has been completed in the recent past and launched into the market. But the submission should focus on the technology and not the product. 

How does an individual become a speaker at GHCI?
To be a speaker, an individual needs to make a submission. A submission can be made under the poster session or under any listed tracks.

Is one allowed to collaborate with a colleague for a presentation and another colleague for a workshop?
An individual can collaborate with colleagues on multiple submissions. However, he/she can identify themselves as an author or presenter only once. The online submission tool has built-in restrictions that will not allow an individual to submit a second paper as a presenter.

What is the difference between a submission and registration?
Making a submission and registration for the event are two separate things and independent of each other. You can make a submission if you want to be a speaker at GHCI 20 and you register if you want to buy an attendee pass. Registrations will open in August, 2020.

Is a student that submits a proposal through the GHCI 20 Call for Submissions (CFS) eligible for a student scholarship by default?
If you are a student making a submission under the CFS, you will still need to apply separately for a student scholarship to be eligible for a GHCI 20 Student Scholarship. Please check the website for details on timelines to apply for a student scholarship. 

Can an individual resubmit a paper that has been submitted for GHC 20?
Yes, one can resubmit a paper that has been submitted to GHC 20. 

If a person submitted a paper to GHCI 19 but it was not selected, can he/she resubmit the same this year?
They can resubmit a previous submission that was not selected. The submitter is encouraged to ensure the submission is engaging, on a current and popular topic, and has technical depth.


When is the submission deadline?
The GHCI 20 Call for Submissions deadline is June 7, 2020, 10:30 p.m. (IST) for all tracks. This does not include the Posters, Student Scholarships and Original Research Track. Please see all details on the Call for Submissionspage. 

By when will I know if my submission is selected?
Acceptance decisions will be mailed to the authors in August 2020. 

Submission Forms with Abstract, Video, and Presentation Slides

Is it mandatory to submit the presentation slides in addition to the abstract, session proposal document, and sample speaking video?
Yes, it is mandatory to submit presentation slides. Note that these slides do not need to be the final presentation, but indicative of the flow of the proposed session.

Is providing a video mandatory with the submission?
It is mandatory to give a video for Presentation and Lightning Talk submissions. Submitters can use any site that will host their video, such as YouTube.

What is meant by flagging conflict of interest? Is it mandatory to fill that in the form?
One can flag any conflicts of interest such as people from the organization they work for or previously worked for. This will help the conference tool in assigning unbiased reviewers to a submission. It is not mandatory to fill this form. We also have a process to handle any conflicts of interest, internally.

Is there a word limit for the proposal (Word doc) while making a submission online?
The proposal should not exceed three pages in Word format. The submitter has to upload their proposal on the Linklings tool.

What all needs to be done for a complete submission?
To complete the submission on the Linklings form, ensure that the following are included:   

  • The abstract 
  • 3page proposal document
  • Presentation slides. The slides should give a gist of your submission and how you are going to present it.
  • It is important to share a link of the proposed speaker talking on the topic (a video of 2-3-minutes max). This is mandatory for presentation and lightning talk submissions. 

What should be the format of the slides included in the submission?
The slides can be any format. 


How many members can form a team to submit a poster?
The recommended number of team members to co-author a poster is between two and three (2-3). However, for a poster submission with more than one author, if the poster is selected, only one conference pass will be issued for the main speaker to present the poster. 

What should be the subjects for posters?
Topics for the poster competition can be across any of the technical tracks. It could also be different and based on an individual’s current research or work area. It should highlight a problem statement which technology can solve.

What are the eligibility criteria for poster submission?
Any female student or professional from the STEM background can make a Poster submission. There is no restriction on the academic year for students.

Non-tech Track: Career360 

Is there an opportunity to present and make a submission for the non-tech tracks as well?
After careful consideration based on feedback from our delegates and volunteer community, we have decided not to have a Call for Submissions for the non-tech track at GHCI 20. The Celebration will continue to offer significant, new, and useful content to enhance the personal and professional development of women technologists. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us on and we shall connect you to the Program Content team, if your suggestion is considered to be taken forward. 

Student Scholarships

General Information

GHCI 20 is virtual this year and the Student Scholarships FAQ has been updated.

What do GHCI Student Scholarships cover? 
A GHCI 20 scholarship covers the full registration fee for  attending the GHCI 20 conference.

A full scholarship covers expenses associated with attending the GHCI conference, including the full registration fee and meals.

How many scholarships were awarded last year? 
250 full and partial scholarships were awarded during GHCI 19.

How does the review process work? 
The Scholarship Committee and Scholarship Reviewers consist of experienced professionals from the industry and academia. Each application is reviewed by at least two Scholarship Reviewers and the Scholarship Committee. Reviewers provide their feedback on each application and the results are tallied and reviewed by the Student Scholarships Committee Chairs. Scholarships are awarded to the candidates with the highest scores, while maintaining a balanced representation from various institutions and backgrounds.

What criteria are used to award scholarships? 
We use a variety of criteria and try to evaluate each candidate individually. We consider academic achievements, focus on specialization through internships, paper presentations, participation in contests and workshops, projects, and other extra-curricular activities.

When is the last date to apply for scholarships? 
Scholarship applications open on March 30, 2020 and close on June 14, 2020.

I applied for a GHCI Scholarship. When do I hear back? 
We will announce the decisions on the GHCI Scholarships in August 2020.

Can I submit a poster and also apply for student scholarship? 
Yes – they are two different applications. If you want to apply for both, you have to complete the Poster submission form and GHCI Student Scholarship application separately. In your GHCI Student Scholarship application, mention the Linklings submission ID for your poster application in the relevant field.

If I am a GHCI 20 Poster author/presenter, do I directly get the Student Scholarship? 
No. Those who want to avail the GHCI Student Scholarships must apply separately. GHCI 20 Poster authors/presenters do not directly get the Student Scholarship.

What special events should I attend at the conference? 
We suggest that scholarship recipients must definitely plan to attend the following events (in addition to the other exciting sessions they select for themselves):

  • The Career Fair, which will be held during the GHCI conference — be sure to stop by the sponsor booths to discuss career opportunities.
  • The keynote sessions at the conference.
  • Student focused sessions and those where the content level has been specified as for Beginners
    Speed mentoring and expert meetup opportunities.
  • Please check the program schedule for information on all activities and sessions, closer to the conference date.


Do I need to provide a reference with my application? 
Referrals are optional but an important part of your application, as they help to provide additional information to evaluate your scholarship application. You can provide 1-2 references with your application.

Does the reference have to be a professor/teacher? 
Your letter of recommendation does not need to be from a professor or teacher. It can be any individual of authority whom you have been closely associated with.

Registration Information

If I have received the scholarship, how do I register for the conference? 
You will be receiving a special code to register as a scholarship recipient. Use this code to register online. Registrations for the conference start in August, 2020.

My institute registered me or I had registered myself before I knew I won a scholarship. What do I do? 
You do not need to re-register online, but you do need to contact us so we can issue the refund for your original registration. Please contact with your scholarship registration code and we will issue the refund and modify your registration record.

I did not receive a scholarship. Can I still register with the discounted Student Attendee Pass or are there other ways I can attend the conference? 
Yes. If you do not receive a scholarship we will give you a window of time to register for the conference at the student rate. If you would like to come to the conference but think you cannot afford to attend; we encourage you to consult with a supportive person/faculty in your department, in order to determine if you have exhausted all local opportunities to secure funding.

 GHCI 20 is virtual.

Hotel Information, Travel Reimbursement Information,Local Transport Information, Food Arrangements for GHCI Student Scholarship Recipients are not applicable.