The Grace Hopper Celebration India (GHCI) is a great opportunity to gain professional visibility as a subject matter expert, expand your network, learn about new and exciting technologies and inspire other women in computing and technology. GHCI 2015 will offer a variety of current technical and non-technical Tracks. Make a submission on a topic of your expertise and that excites you the most.


June 15
8:00 AM IST*
August 31
11:59 PM IST*
October, 2015
Call for Submissions opens. Call for Submissions closes. (DEADLINE) Accept/Reject notifications emailed.

*IST – Indian Standard Time


Technology Track: Made in India

Track (Technology): Made in India

India is a key technology hub for the world. This Track invites submissions that will present and discuss tools and strategies for developing products in India. It will also cover the opportunities and challenges for startups and established players, in the Indian industry.

Technology Track: Emerging Technologies

Track (Technology): Emerging Technologies

Technologies have the capability to completely change the world we work and live in, for the better. This Track welcomes technical submissions in the broad area of emerging technologies, with tremendous potential to have a positive impact and address pressing global challenges.

Technology Track: Systems Engineering (Software & Hardware)

Track (Technology): Systems Engineering – Software & Hardware

This technical Track invites submissions that will discuss the latest trends and research, pioneering tools and procedures, practical experiences and technical challenges in systems engineering.

Technology Track: Data Science and Machine Learning

Track (Technology): Data Science and Machine Learning

We seek technical submissions in the broad field of Data Science and Machine Learning. This Track aims to help the attendees understand the methodologies, techniques and tools developed to solve real-life problems using data and how machine learning enables cognitive systems to learn, reason and engage with people in a more personalized way.


Track: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the latest buzzword among entrepreneurs and  intrapreneurs within organizations. For this Track we invite submissions that can provide a platform for all those interested, to learn and interact on the latest trends in entrepreneurship; what makes an entrepreneur;, how to start your business and so on.


Track: Management

The Management Track invites submissions that will focus on professional and leadership development for women technologists, making them top-quality managers. The submissions can include new approaches and fresh perspectives on people-skills, project/program management, leadership styles, negotiation skills and so on.

Soft Skills for Success

Track: Soft Skills for Success

This Track is seeking submissions on the soft and complex people-skills required in today’s workplaces that can help women in technology across all levels, be successful in their jobs. The Track will cover topics and discussions on how we can consciously develop better soft skills and use them in our work environment.

Back To Work

Track: Back To Work

This Track is aimed at women who have taken a break, for maternity and personal reasons and are now keen to get back to work. We seek submissions that will help these women come back to work and cover topics such as reconnecting with the marketplace, rebuilding your self-confidence and how to prepare for the comeback. Sessions are also invited from individuals who want to share their stories of having successfully gotten back to work after taking a break.

Early Career

Track: Early Career

For this Track we invite submissions that can help young women professionals grow their careers in technology. This Track is aimed at women students and professionals with 0-5 years of work experience.

Technology Track: Systems Engineering (Software & Hardware)

GHCI Poster Session

This is a great opportunity for students, corporate professionals and faculty members. The goal of the poster session is to provide an opportunity for an informal discussion of one’s research with conference attendees. It is an excellent way to convey ideas and results not yet developed into a full paper.