Track: Entrepreneurship

Today, entrepreneurship is catching on like never before. While being a proud business owner or launching a startup means one is an entrepreneur, for many individuals it is more than just that; it is a state of mind. The Entrepreneurship Track will provide entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs within organizations a forum to learn and interact, on the latest trends in entrepreneurship, what makes an entrepreneur, how to start your business and so on. The focus of this Track will be on topics related to entrepreneurship, but not limited to:

  • The latest trends in the tech entrepreneurship space
  • New tech trends that startups are pursuing
  • Innovative niche technical spaces that entrepreneurs have pursued and found success
  • Lessons learnt on how to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Building your team as a startup
  • Doing a winning elevator pitch
  • Raising funds for your business
  • New financing models
  • Building your brand and marketing strategy
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • The value of Data for your startup success
  • How VCs think?

Valid Submission Formats (Please Read): Presentations/Lightning Talks, Panels, Workshops and Birds of a Feather. Click the links for more information and for Starter Templates.

If you have a new idea on the format you would like to use, feel free to suggest that as well.

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