GHCI 2016 Poster Session

The goal of the poster session is to provide an opportunity for an informal discussion of one’s research or technology exploration with conference attendees. It is an excellent way to convey ideas and results not yet developed. GHCI does not hold copyright on papers in our proceedings. You can submit work that has already been accepted at other conference venues.

Poster Session Submissions

Topics: We invite submissions in the following areas: technical computer science research, computer science education and broadening participation in computer science. Due to the number of submissions received, we request you to submit only one poster per person for consideration.

Who should submit: Submissions are encouraged from women students doing their Bachelors or Masters in Science/ Computer Science/Engineering. Submissions from industry professionals and faculty members will also be accepted.

Who can present at GHCI: Only one female author  of each poster accepted is eligible to present at GHCI. Multiple people cannot present the same poster.

The author presenting at GHCI will be given a complimentary conference pass to present their work at the Poster Session to be held in this year’s GHCI, to be held in Bangalore from December 7 – 9, 2016. Special grants (includes travel and accommodation) will be available to selected students as a part of the Student Scholarships offered. Those who would like to avail the special grant will have to apply for the Student Scholarships, the applications for which open on June 1, 2016.

Submission Overview: Your submission consists of two main components: an extended abstract and a summary paragraph.

  • The extended abstract of up to two pages (approximately 800 words) describes the content of your poster, including the problem being solved, its significance, the approach adopted, and key results. References do not count as part of the two page limit. Your uploaded file must be in one of the following formats: PDF, ASCII text, or MS Word, in a double column. We recommend that you use one of the following templates as a reference, Latex Template  or  GHCI Poster Template and submit your file in PDF.
  • The summary paragraph (maximum of 100 words) serves as a succinct description of the project and will be published in the conference proceedings.

Extended Abstract Contents: A poster submission should contain the elements listed below:

  • Poster Title.
  • Author(s): Name, affiliation and contact information for each author. At a minimum, contact information should include an email address. Additionally, you can provide your address, phone number and website. Note that reviewing is not blind with respect to author names.
  • Problem and Motivation: State the problem being addressed. Explain the reasons for seeking a solution to this problem, why it is significant, and why it is relevant to your research field.
  • Background and Related Work: Explain the specialized and relevant background necessary to appreciate the work. Include references to literature where appropriate, and briefly describe how your work is different from related work. Reference lists do not count towards the limit on the length of the abstract.
  • Approach and Uniqueness: Describe your approach in attacking the problem and how it is novel.
  • Results and Contributions: Share the results of your work. Discuss their significance and how they contribute to your area of study.