GHCI 2016 Session Formats

We offer a variety of formats for both speakers and attendees to find the session that fits them best. Explore all options to discover which one fits your speaking style and goals.


Panels let a group of individuals convene around and discuss a particular topic. You can format your panel in a variety of ways. Formats include:

  • Opening with a short introduction followed by a moderator-lead Q&A for the panelists
  • Presentations by panelists followed by an audience driven Q&A

We highly encourage diverse, cross-organizational or interdisciplinary panels. Your panel must have a specific core point of contention. Successful submissions will include who will take which side of that issue.


Are you ready to share your in depth knowledge about a particular topic? We’d would love to see your presentation. Each presentation should be 20-30 minutes long and will include a Q&A session.

Lightning Talks 

Lightning talks are very short presentations lasting only 5-7 minutes. We will group multiple presentations on similar ideas into one-hour time slots. Hence several lightning talks will be delivered by different speakers, in a single session. This format gives speakers an opportunity to share their work and insights while collaborating with other speakers on the same topic.


Interactive by nature, workshops are presenter-lead, structured training followed by in-depth discussions, exercises or problem solving. Apply to lead a workshop, and help others develop their skills.

Please go through the submission requirements for each format.