The Grace Hopper Celebration India (GHCI), is the largest annual conference for women in computing and technology in the country. Named after computer pioneer Admiral Grace Hopper, the conference attracts high levels of participation from professionals, entrepreneurs, students, corporations, government and academia each year.

GHCI 2015 has been our biggest celebration till date. We hosted 2,258 attendees (a 41 percent increase from last year) from across 11 countries, representing  272 organizations and had a 170 speakers. In 2016 we expect GHCI to continue to grow. Join us in creating a conference that connects, inspires and guides women in computing and organizations that view technology innovation as a strategic imperative.

Sponsorship – (Closed)

GHCI presents the perfect audience of women professionals and students in technology. Show your commitment to women in tech by sponsoring GHCI 2016.

At GHCI, you will:

  • Find top talent
  • Inspire and engage with women in technology
  • Enhance your corporate reputation

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For inquiries, please contact:


Archana Patni, Consultant- Sales and Client Management

Carol Gustaveson, Senior Director, Business Development

Laurie Greer, Business Development Director