GHCI 2016 Submission Requirements

Each submission format has a unique set of requirements. Please review the one for your proposal type. There are also general requirements for all types, except poster presenters. Please follow these requirements for your submission.

If you are uncertain about session formats, please check out our descriptions here.

General Requirements (Except Posters)

  • Word count: Maximum 150 words abstract. Maximum 3 page proposal. Only abstract will be published for attendees. We will not edit these, so pay attention to grammar.
  • Font size: Minimum 10 point font.
  • Specify content level: In your submission mention the content level to define the target audience for your session.  Understanding of the audience and tailoring the submission ensures a higher chance of success.
    • Beginner – This session is appropriate for a beginner or entry level professionals. The session would mostly be an introduction to the technology/subject and would not require any prior knowledge of the subject.
    • Intermediate – This session is appropriate for intermediate users of the technology or mid-level management professionals. The speaker will expect the audience to have some prior knowledge by the attendees and introduce more recent advancements in the technology/subject to the audience.
    • Advanced – This session is appropriate for advanced users or senior management. The speaker will cover a niche area delving into significant details for the topic. Strong background knowledge of the topic and usage in a professional setting might be required.
  • Pre-requisites: This section of the submission should list the requirements that the speaker expects of the audience.  This includes:
    • Prior knowledge and usage of certain technology
    • Laptop, smartphone or other equipment to be brought to the session
    • Any software that needs to be pre-loaded to be used in the session
  • Speaker profiles: The profile should not be more than a 100 words. The information must be in a paragraph and not bullet points. The profile should be written in third person.
  • Templates: Use the starter template indicated below to help you get started. You may add sections provided the proposal is within the page limits specified. If you choose to use your own template, you must still include all the sections listed in your template to ensure consistency.

Specific Requirements for Each Session Format


  • Eligibility criteria: Subject matter expert from industry, academia or government labs.
  • Number of panelists: One moderator and three to four panelists. No two people from the same organization can be on the same panel, including the moderator. Please indicate in your submission if the moderator has had previous experience moderating a panel.
  • Presentation time: 60 minutes
  • Room type: Theater style seating
  • Template: Use the Panel Starter Template to help you get started and build a great submission


  • Eligibility criteria: Subject matter experts from industry, academia or government labs
  • Number of presenters: One presenter per presentation.
  • Presentation Time: Presentation durations will depend on the number of presenters in one hour time slot. Presentation times will vary from 20 to 30 minutes with 5 to 10 minutes allocated for a Q&A session
  • Room type: Theater style seating
  • Template: Use the Presentation Starter Template to help you get started and build a great submission

Lightning Talks 

  • The requirements for the Lightning Talks is the same as the Presentation format.


  • Eligibility criteria: Subject matter expert from industry, academia or government
  • Number of presenters: Two to three facilitators
  • Presentation Time: 90 minutes
  • Room type: Banquet style (round table seating) or Theater style
  • Template: Use the Workshop Starter Template to help you get started and build a great submission

Editorial Guidelines


Capitalize all major words in the title. Use lowercase for articles, conjunctions and prepositions (the, a, an, and, but, for, or, nor, to, as). A general rule of thumb is to use lowercase for most words made of three or less letters.


Spell out only single-digit numbers (zero through nine) and use numerals for all others. Spell out double-digit numbers only if they are the first word in the sentence.

Organization Names

Spell out names of companies, labs, universities, etc (ex. Hewlett Packard; University of New Delhi, India), for the first mention in your submission, unless abbreviated versions are the official or most commonly used version (eg. IIT).