GHCI 18 Chat Bot

Talk to Grace Hopper Celebration India

(A community initiative created by a group of smart female engineering students and supported by India)

The GHCI18 Chat Bot is a chat bot on Google Assistant that provides information about the Grace Hopper Celebration India (GHCI 18). You can access any relevant information about the Celebration, from session times and venues to speakers and topics, just by asking the chat bot a few simple questions. The GHCI 18 Chat Bot will provide you with answers and further details about sessions, GHCI in general and much more.

Inspired by our mission, the group approached India with the intent of creating an exciting chat bot. This gave them a chance to work with an exciting technology and also provided an opportunity to contribute to the community. India is delighted to have supported this passionate and bright group of women technologists, with the aim of fostering innovation and collaboration among these young minds.

Now attendees can find their favorite sessions without having to scroll through the entire list of schedules. Instead, they can directly ask the chat bot about it, and voila — they will have the information at their fingertips.

“The whole project took around 50 days to shape up,” said Elsa Maria George, the Project Lead. “All the team members are from different places, and we managed to coordinate and complete the entire project through online communication over emails, chats and video calls. Since all the team’s developers are students, we synced everyday at 8 p.m. for the day’s review, and kept chipping away little by little until the bot was completed. The result of 300 hours of our collective effort is a chat bot that can answer more than 200 questions about GHCI 18, Asia’s largest women in tech conference.”

Bhairavi Shah, the Developer, also added, “This project was us doing our bit for India, an organization already working relentlessly for women in technology. In addition to the benefit of gaining exposure and learning how such a large project can be well executed, this project gave us the added pleasure of contributing to our community of women.”

How the GHCI 18 Chat Bot Works

You can begin talking to the chat bot in just two easy steps!

  1. Press and hold the “Home” button on your Android smart phone to launch the Google Assistant.
  2. Say, “Talk to Grace Hopper Celebration India” to activate the chat bot.

Follow this website for more detailed instructions and a demo.


Please note: There may be a slight delay in the most updated schedule details included in the chat bot. We are working hard to make this happen. There is still lots you can know from the bot!

The Tech Stars: Meet the GHCI 18 Chat Bot Team

Project Lead:
Elsa Maria George, Student, Muthoot Institute of Technology and Science, Kerala

Farha Kareem, Student, Model Engineering College, Kerala
Mridula Pillai, Student, Govt. College of Engineering, Barton Hill, Kerala
Dhanya Sreekumar, Student, TKM College of Engineering, Kerala
Rasmi U., Student, Govt. College of Engineering, Palakkad, Kerala
Bhairavi Shah, Student, Model Engineering College, Kerala

Project Mentors:
Arya Murali, Director, Women in Tech initiatives, Rethink
Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan, Senior Program Coordinator, Women Techmakers, Google

Contact Us

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Feel free to write in with any questions you might have or share feedback with the chat bot team. If you did like using the chat bot, please leave us your reviews.