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At Tech Conferences, Indian Women Entrepreneurs Face Conversational Limits

Despite low representation, female entrepreneurs in India shine. But if and when these women are invited to speak at conferences, the conversation quickly shifts to one topic: their gender. More often than not, female entrepreneurs are asked how they balance their home and work life, not about their achievements, skills or ideas.

GHCI is one of the few conferences that actually highlight the work of women leaders. AnitaB.org, which presents GHCI, makes sure women are represented at every step of organizing this amazing event. This ensures that the topics of conversation reflect women’s actual interests rather than focusing on stereotypical discussions, explains Geetha Kannan, Managing Director of AnitaB.org India.

“Our events are the only ones where men’s bathrooms are converted to women’s. At most other events, it’s hard to find a women’s bathroom,” she added. We hope to inspire other conferences to be more inclusive of women entrepreneurs and look beyond their gender.

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