GHCI 16 Impact Report: Another Record Breaking Year

GHCI 16 was attended by 2,909 attendees (a 29% increase from 2015) from 305 corporate and academic organizations and had 210 speakers. Find out more about this unforgettable experience. Click here to read the full GHCI 16 Impact Report.

“An awestruck moment in life was to be surrounded by thousands of women at GHCI 16! All were from different age groups, different locations, from students to CIOs and CEOs of top technology firms. What was common among all? All were from the STEM background. The feeling of being part of such a group where all women were from technical backgrounds was just WOW!! I was blown away by the elegance and simplicity of all the high profile ladies who staged during the sessions. This is an experience to cherish for a lifetime.”