The GHCI 17 Impact Report: Transforming the World of Technology

The Grace Hopper Celebration India (GHCI) is more than the largest technical conference for women in the country. The extensive participation and engagement from organizations and women in technology make it a true celebration. Last year GHCI 17 had 3,607 attendees representing 406 academic and corporate organizations. There were 184 speakers across 74 sessions and 8 Tracks. These numbers reflect the scale and popularity of the conference that today has become a must-attend for many.

92%  respondents of the post conference survey have said they were satisfied with the overall GHCI experience. 93% have also agreed that attending GHCI 17 has increased their commitment to a technical career. Find out more about how GHCI 17 inspires women to further their careers, build networks and transform the world of technology.

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