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#GHCI16 Daily Download: December 8, 2016

GHCI 16 was abuzz Thursday with a number of different activities for our 3,000+ attendees. From the Student Career Fair where students met with top tech recruiters to the Hands On Lab where participants demonstrated new technology, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Read all the highlights from #GHCI16 day two.

Artificial Intelligence

An attendee at GHCI 16's Hand On LabRobots are taking over the world– but don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds. More and more robotics are taking over mundane jobs, and many cities are becoming “smart” with massive technology deployments. Multiple presentations at GHCI explored the ways artificial intelligence changes our world and the challenges technicians face when creating robots.

One noteworthy example of artificial intelligence, as discussed in the panel Deep Learning for Real Business Applicationsis IBM’s Watson. Watson is a cognitive system that can think like a human, and it is making a significant impact on healthcare. The panel also discussed Restricted Boltzmann Machines, artificial neural networks which companies like Cisco use for context-aware networking.

The Transportation of Tomorrow

Robots aren’t the only thing out of science fiction present at GHCI. Topics also include driverless cars! The panel Autonomous Vehicles – A Sci-fi Future for The Auto Industry? discussed the features of autonomous cars, the debate behind these vehicles and the factors technicians must consider when developing them. We can’t wait to see what lies in store for the future of transportation.

The Internet of Everything

Attendees at GHCI 16But technology prevalence may not always be as obvious as robots and cars. According to a report by Gartner, 21 billion “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices will exist by 2020. How will this impact companies in the future? What industries will it affect? Where will we see it pop up? Discussions covered these questions and discussed implications for some areas like consumption, healthcare, retail, industrial business, transportation, surveillance and infrastructure.

Our Energy Footprint

While all of this new technology is certainly exciting, another area that is important to examine the energy footprints of these devices. Researchers are examining how to minimize CO2 emissions, reduce energy costs and increase battery life. New Reign of Connectivity: Li-Fi and Green Cellular Networks looked specifically at ways cellular companies are going green, such as using power amplifiers, as well as solar and wind energy.

Stay tuned for our third and final Daily Download tomorrow!