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#PressforProgress: Be Aware of Your Unawareness, Says Geetha Kannan

For centuries we have been living with unconscious biases, arising out of societal frameworks or from our own inherent upbringing.  Malcolm Gladwell in the book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking has written about human beings creating impressions in the first 30 seconds of any interaction based on existing biases. Our thoughts and actions should be based on individuals, capabilities and equality, not gender!  All efforts for inclusive societies and organizations can be effective, only if we put an end to hidden bias. If we want to cut back on the gender narrative and see some real action for progress, then we need to start with being aware of our unawareness. It is time to end our unconscious biases for good.

Happy International Women’s Day!

– Geetha Kannan, Managing Director, India