Tech for Good: The First All-Female Hackathon Comes to Chennai

Fifty women – from engineering students to tech professionals – came together for Chennai’s  first all-female hackathon, Tech for Good, held by India at Sathyabama University on July 25.

The hackathon, presented in collaboration with 10,000 Start-ups, Girls in Tech, Sathyabama University and Venturesity, provided women participants a platform to collaborate, code and contribute to humanitarian software. They put their heads together to develop applications, for both mobile and desktop platforms, for healthcare, service and other humanitarian needs.

“It was  very exciting to host this Hackathon in Chennai. This was a great platform for women developers and techies to combine their talent, insight and unleash their can-do spirit by collaboratively harnessing data and code to create innovative solutions for problems that affect societies at large,” said Kritika Murugesan of India.

Ten teams worked collaboratively and presented their ideas at the end of the day. Each team will be matched with a mentor to work with over the next four months to further develop their apps. Teams that make good progress will get a chance to present their work at India’s Bangalore Hackathon. Stay tuned for more on this upcoming hackathon!

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