Prepare Before Making Your Submission

Step 1: Learn all you can about the Grace Hopper Celebration India. Check out last year’s schedule for inspiration.

Step 2: View all of the GHCI 18 tracks and decide which track your submission is best aligned with. Ensure your submission focuses on a concept or technology and its details. Submissions on specific products from a given organization will be disqualified.

Step 3: Once you’ve narrowed down on a track, pick the most suitable session format. Pick the format that fits your topic and the speaking style of the presenters. Please do not submit the same topic or variations of the same topic in different tracks or across different formats. All such entries will be disqualified.

Step 4: You can submit only one proposal for the conference. The submission can be made as an author, speaker, panelist or moderator. Identify the topic you are most suited to represent and the role most suited to your speaking style while submitting your proposal. All submissions have to be made on the online tool – Linklings. Submissions close on June 8, 2018 at 10 p.m. IST.

Step 5: Wait to hear from us. We expect to announce the decisions for all submissions in August 2018.

Follow the above guidelines to help create a great submission. Good luck!