GHCI 2015 Program Chair: Rashmi Mohan

Rashmi Mohan is a technologist and an engineer. Until recently, she was a Senior Engineering Manager at Yahoo Labs, Bangalore. She has spent more than 15 years in various technical and management roles in the industry. She has a background in front end engineering and has led a group of scientists and building prototypes of the most cutting edge ideas being developed in the Labs. Rashmi is particularly interested in the cause of promoting and encouraging women in technology to aspire and reach greater heights in their careers. She is an ACM India council member and is actively involved in the CS community. Rashmi has been associated with GHCI in Bangalore for five years as a mentor, advisory member and founding member of the women-only hackathon. She has been leading the conference as a Program Chair for the past two years.

“My work with GHCI through the years has been an alternate career for me. I have progressed through many roles, learning from, networking with and giving back to this wonderful community. The sense of satisfaction and accomplishment I feel through each conference is unparalleled.”