Submission Requirements for all GHCI 18 Tracks

Please follow the below requirements for your submission under each track (except Posters)

  •  Word count: Submission abstracts should not be more than 150 words. The entire proposal should not go over three pages in (word format). If the submission gets selected, only the abstract gets published in the conference collaterals. Grammar and spell checks must be done by the submitter.
  • Font size: Times New Roman, Size 10
  • Specify audience: Indicate the target level of the audience for the session. Abstract and content must be tailored accordingly.
    • Beginner – The session is targeted for individuals with basic knowledge in the subject and is appropriate for a beginner in the area. This level is ideal for submissions targeting an introduction to a particular technology/subject.
    • Intermediate – The session is targeted for those with prior knowledge and some working experience on the topic. The speaker will talk about the latest advancements or detail the topic further to help attendees develop a greater understanding.
    • Advanced – This session is targeted for those who have applied the topic of interest and developed deep expertise in the proposed area. The speaker will delve into details focusing on a key area. Strong experiential knowledge is required.
  •  Mention pre-requisites: The list of requirements needed for the session and the participants. This could include –
    • Prior knowledge and usage of a certain technology or concept
    •  Laptop, smartphone or other equipment needed for the session
    • Software pre-loads needed for the session
  • Speaker profile: The profile for each speaker should be between 80 – 100 words. The information must be in a paragraph and not bullet points. The profile should be written in third person.
  • Prior speaking experience: Include video links for each speaker from previous speaking engagements. If there is no prior experience, a sample recording by the speaker on the proposed topic can be made available.
  •  Templates: Use the appropriate starter template. Sections can be added provided the proposal is within the page limits specified.

Editorial Guidelines

  • Titles
    The titles should not exceed 10 words. Capitalize all major words in the title. Use lowercase for articles, conjunctions and prepositions (the, a, an, and, but, for, or, nor, to, as). A general rule of thumb is to use lowercase for most words made of three or less letters.
  • Numbers
    Spell out only single-digit numbers (zero through nine) and use numerals for all others. Spell out double-digit numbers only if they are the first word in the sentence.
  • Organization Names
    Spell out names of companies, labs, universities, etc (eg. Hewlett Packard; University of New Delhi, India), for the first mention in your submission, unless abbreviated versions are the official or most commonly used version (eg. IIT).