Track: Open Source

Open Source software has become mainstream with the widespread use of products such as Apache, Firefox, Linux and more. As Open Source becomes more widely used, there is an increasing interest in its development and its use. This technical Track seeks submissions that discuss Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) development. In particular, we are looking for submissions that enable more interactions between presenters and the audience. We’d like to see successful stories that encourage and teach participants how to use FOSS and deploy the best about FOSS.

Possible topics include:

  • FOSS intellectual property, copyrights and licensing
  • Non-Governmental Organizations and FOSS
  • Incorporating FOSS within organization’s development lifecycle
  • Lessons from FOSS for conventional development
  • Successful stories about encouraging diversity in FOSS projects
  • FOSS and social & humanitarian issues
  • FOSS technologies, in particular how to use them or how to get started.
  • Adoption/ use / acceptance of FOSS
  • Dissemination / redistribution / crowdsourcing of FOSS systems
  • Expanding scientific research and technology development methods through openness
  • Adopting innovation in FOSS projects
  • Role of FOSS in ICT and sustainable development
  • Learning, knowledge sharing, collaboration, control or conflict in FOSS projects
  • FOSS usability, scalability, maintainability and other quality issues
  • Talk or workshop on specific FOSS technologies, such as version control.

Important Information

  • Click here to know more about the GHCI 2016 session formats.
  • Each session format has a unique set of requirements. Please review the essentials for your proposal type and ensure your submission meets all the requirements.
  • Check out our tips for creating the perfect submission.