A new GHCI in tune with the times

You all said, “We are ready for more!” with the GHCI 19 anthem. And more is what we are bringing you!

The COVID 19 crisis and the successive lockdowns have kept us inside our homes for the past 7 weeks. Taking the challenge head-on and doubling down on our core values of agility and curiosity, we have been exploring innovative ways to connect and serve women in tech.

We are excited to announce that GHCI 20-21 is not only going to be our 11th year, it will also be the first-ever virtual GHCI in India! GHCI 20-21 will be conducted from 17 to 20, February, 2021.

For many of you, GHCI has been a place of celebration of women in technology. A cherished place to make connections and discover new opportunities. A memorable place to meet role models. An unparalleled place to discover new technologies. All this and more are going to be part of this immersive experience that we are gearing up to bring right to your doorstep in the safest manner possible. Your health and safety are of utmost importance to us.

Asia’s largest technology conference for women will this year, use the latest technology to bring you a ground-breaking, one of its kind, virtual celebration. As we continue to work towards inspiring and empowering women in technology, we see this as a huge milestone for all of us and look forward to your support.

We will be in touch with you with more details about the event and other programs we are rolling out this year and how you can support and participate. Until then, please visit our website to stay informed about the work we are doing to support women in tech during these challenging times.

In solidarity,
AnitaB.org India