WEQ supports women entrepreneurs in their business growth and success

Here is what our past WEQ winners have to say…

WEQ 2014 Winner, Sreepriya Koppula – Turnaround Systems
“WEQ is a great platform to connect with some awesome women entrepreneurs around and also get high visibility to your own startup. It helped my startup Turnaround Systems in multiple more ways including VC connects, startup advisers, media coverage to mention a few. The Silicon Valley Visitation Program which followed post the event was another great opportunity to make connects in the Valley and get some valuable feedback along the way. As a winner of WEQ, we were also awarded a cash prize which helped us with the runway and sustain ourselves during the product building phase. It’s an incredibly great opportunity for all women entrepreneurs to be part of the platform, build a stronger network to help & learn from each other. I sincerely advise all women entrepreneurs in the country to apply for WEQ and leverage this unique opportunity!”

WEQ 2013 Winner, Mausmi Ambastha – Intellocut
“Winning the Woman Entrepreneur Quest was one of the proudest moments of my life. Startups are tough and it means a lot when you get national recognition for your product and your team’s hard work. WEQ provides a huge cash prize and an amazing networking opportunity, the most important fuel in a business startup. We are now in seven geographies in the world and have industry leaders as our clients. We have already raised a seed round and are looking for the next round of investment. I would like to thank the WEQ team for being an important part of my startup journey.”

WEQ 2012 Winner, Shalini Pillai Banerjee – BrandIdea:
“WEQ not just enables, supports and nurtures the rare breed of the woman entrepreneur but more importantly, makes it possible for hundreds of woman out there to believe in themselves and take the leap. It was an honor for me to present at the Grace Hopper Celebration India because of what it stands for. And when I won, I was ecstatic. And while winning the cash prize was great, the real prize has been that it has provided me with a network to be able to engage with various VCs and other like-minded individuals that can actually help take my company to the next level.”

WEQ 2011 winner, Sangeeta Banerjee – ApartmentAdda:
“WEQ gave ApartmentADDA a major boost in three ways 1) A substantial platform to pitch the Product 2) Access to highly valuable mentoring before & after the Quest 3) The jackpot of Rs 5,00,000 that actually helped us to breathe easy and take some bold steps!”